Struggling WELL is an inside job.

Life can be hard. We can’t avoid struggles but we can practice taking our squirrelly subconscious thoughts captive and begin struggling WELL.

The facts: “those people” and “that situation” are not what need to change, your thoughts about them do! The Bible says to take our thoughts captive and to renew our minds but many of us don’t know what that even means or where to begin.

As a recovering driver of the struggle bus, I’ve got you!  Join me in the practice of noticing and changing our thoughts and watch as your life changes. You’ll never be the same.

Meet Your Coach

Emily Thomas

I used to believe I couldn’t have peace until all my problems were solved. It was an exhausting and discouraging way to live. Contentment and joy remained just out of reach because my thinking was all wrong! The stories we tell ourselves are not usually accurate and (even worse!) they are subconscious so we don’t even realize we are living false stories.

I’m thrilled you’re here. Let’s practice renewing our minds so we can move from just struggling to struggling WELL.

Struggling well. Together. 

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