#104: More than Just Making It with Erin Odom

Meet Erin:

You may know Erin Odom as The Humbled Homemaker; an author, wife and mother of four who runs a blog sharing the moniker. And while it may look like she has it all together, she openly admits that she too struggles to find time to effectively care for her family, spend time with the Lord and run a full-time business. In the episode, she shares her story of how God used her writing talents to help pull her family out of a very challenging time and what she learned about herself in the process.

What we chat about:

  • Keeping faith in your calling, even if you’re told it’s impossible

  • How being bombarded with trials lead Erin to a closer relationship with and deeper trust in Christ

  • The importance of identifying an income problem verses a spending problem

  • Three ways to help you identify your passion and better understand yourself

  • How living with less can provide you with better contentment

  • Steps on maintaining a thankful mindset, regardless of your status

Links mentioned:

More Than Just Making It: Hope for the Heart of the Financially Frustrated
Your Retreat: A Guide to Giving Yourself a Personal Planning Day
Better Life Bag

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Where to find Erin:

website // facebook // instagram // pinterest

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