#129: Both Sides of the Story with Jinger and Jessica

Jinger and Jessica Lord are a mother and daughter pair whom I have watched and admired first hand. They share a closeness that is often not present between a mom and her 19-year-old daughter.  Jinger is on staff at my church in charge of our children’s and family ministries.  She is highly organized and administrative with a passion for excellence and the discipleship of children and parents. Jessica is her second-born (in between two boys) and, in contrast to her mother, is a creative, random-thinker who is more passionate about relationships than tasks. We chat about the ups and downs of their relationship and the fruit of intentional discipleship in their home.

What we chat about:

  • Expectation vs. reality of what it’s like to have a daughter

  • Letting your kids learn by suffering the consequences of their actions

  • Deciphering when to intervene in your children’s lives

  • Making sure your children feel like they’re being heard

  • Being intentional about spending time together and being quick to forgive

  • Advice for young moms

  • Fitting meaningful moments in everyday life

  • How Jinger modeled contentment and health to Jessica

Links mentioned:

Family Nights Tool Chest (There are several books in this series. This link is for the introduction.)
At Home with Sally Clarkson & Friends podcast
God-Centered Mom podcast
Marriage Revolution
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