#143: Hey Dad with Kevin Madsen

Kevin Madsen and his wife Trisha are the team behind HeyDad, a new subscription box for Dads and kids. Kevin attended UCLA and has spent most of his career in the tech world. He is married to his best friend Trisha, and they have three wonderful psychotic children, Gideon (6), Julien (4), and Josie (almost 2). Kevin also hosts a podcast about Dad life (The HeyDad Podcast) with his two brothers and their best friend.

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What we chat about:

  • what lead Kevin to start HeyDad

  • orienting activities with your kids that keep you engaged

  • how HeyDad boxes help create quality time with your kids without having to do a lot of planning

  • creating a healthy work/life balance by publically setting work boundaries

  • debunking the myth that there’s a certain “formula” for dealing with our kids’ struggles

  • the inspiration behind the HeyDad podcast

Links mentioned:

Sara Groves “Setting Up the Pins”
Google Duplex Demo
Ugly Delicious
The Greatest Showman
Red Rising
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