#165: December Problem Solved

Christmas is just a week away – are you feeling frazzled? Don’t worry, we are too. Fortunately, we’re here to solve all your holiday problems from contentious in-laws to all those annoying toys your kids will get this year. We also weigh the pros and cons or real vs. artificial Christmas trees and tackle the age-old question – what do you do when your mom won’t let you stop delivering angel food cake to strangers? It’s a real conundrum.

165 - Dec PS.png

What we chat about:

  • feeling frazzled

  • Rebecky’s first real Christmas tree

  • what to do when your mom won’t let you stop delivering angel food cake to strangers

  • navigating holidays with your in-laws

  • when your kids get unnecessary/annoying toys

  • how to approach your family about changing tradition

  • confronting your family when sarcasm becomes hurtful

  • splitting time between families

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