#85: Fighting For (Instead of Against) the Hearts of Our Kids with Christy Baca

Meet Christy:

Christy is a mom I met several years ago.  Since then she has continued to be a source of encouragement and wisdom to me.  She has two older daughters and I love asking her questions about what I need to expect here in the next couple years.  You’re really going to be encouraged to keep a realistic perspective on the shenanigans your kids are up to.  I know I was!

What we chat about:

  • Being aware of behind the scenes grooming through social media

  • The importance of tightening your “share circle” and make sure they are godly women.

  • The three types of friends a mom needs

  • Creative ways to get kids off their screens

  • How to make your kids want to bring their friends home

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Where to find Christy: 

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