#156: Preaching to Yourself with Hayley Morgan

“I can’t do this. I’m not enough. Nothing is ever going to change.” Are you in the habit of telling yourself bad news? If so, you’re going to LOVE hearing from Hayley Morgan and the project she’s been working on.

Hayley Morgan is a writer, speaker, and social entrepreneur who inspires women to know what is true about God and themselves. Her first book called Wild and Free, co-written with Jess Connolly, was published in May 2016 and quickly became a USA Today Bestseller. She currently runs the women’s boutique Nellie Taft, named after an American First Lady and featuring all Made in the USA products. You can often find her cross-legged on the floor of an art supply store debating between the merits of five different shades of green paint.

Hayley Morgan.png

What we chat about:

  • how pivots are not failures

  • the story of Hayley’s two companies – Nellie Taft and Wildly Co.

  • creating a hospitable environment to get her adolescent boys to open up

  • identifying the bad news you tell yourself and silencing it

Links mentioned:

Nellie Taft
Wildly Co.
Cup of Jo
Preach to Yourself
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