#151: Redirected Dreams with Teresa Swanstrom Anderson

Teresa Swanstrom Anderson is living the life she thought she never wanted. With an art history degree and dreams of living in Europe as a curator, Teresa had big plans for herself. After a decision to lay her exciting plans at the feet of Christ, God began changing her heart little by little and began dating the man who eventually became her husband. Teresa’s life is a series of redirected dreams, stumbling, falling, getting up, and wondering if she is investing her time where it matters most. Through it all, she aims to see beauty everywhere and grasp joy tightly. And some days she actually manages to pull it off.

Teresa grew up in Seattle, but spent her middle school years in Guatemala and has a deep love for people in third-world countries. Now living in Denver, Colorado with their loud and silly brood of 6, she spends her days wiping off sticky counters, Instagramming, and blogging.


What we chat about:

  • Teresa’s complicated and miraculous adoption story

  • making your home a sanctuary

  • finding your hygge

  • not letting your passion define your purpose

  • creating community

  • learning to wait well

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Beautifully Interrupted
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